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Call Us Today!
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Our Expertise

We are a General and Multi-Specialty Group Practice, performing General Dental Health Care and Children’s Specialties. You may hear a lot of words that sound unfamiliar when you visit the dentist. This page will tell you some of the most common procedures we perform, and what they mean.

  • CLEANING – We know you brush every day, but only a Dentist or Dental Hygienist can really scrub away buildup of tartar that leads to cavities. We always recommend a professional cleaning every six months-we call this a "Dental Prophylaxis".  We can also make sure that you are using the proper brushing technique as well as brushing at least twice a day, morning and night and flossing at least once a day.
  • FILLINGS – Also called "dental restoration" fillings restore the function and strength of teeth after an accident, or as a result from tooth decay. Modern fillings are made from a selection of different materials, including gold, silver and titanium, but the part you can see is always tooth-colored.
  • CROWNS – Crowns are a more involved method of fixing badly damaged teeth, which can involve making molds of your teeth, and choosing from a dizzying selection of materials and methods. We are qualified to help guide you through this process and restore your teeth.
  • BRIDGES – Joining two adjacent teeth to close the gap between them. Similarly, a bridge may be constructed to join your natural tooth to a dental implant.
  • DENTURES – Forget what you've seen in the cartoons. It takes a dentist with a lot of skill and experience to make a proper full set of dentures. Don't trust your mouth to anyone but us.
  • IMPLANTS – Modern dental implants are made by placing a titanium "post" into your jaw, which then heals around it. Then we attach the new tooth to the post.  Our costs for this are very reasonable for this in comparison to the surrounding area.
  • ESTHETIC DENTISTRY – We all want to look our best, and having movie star-like teeth will give you a reason to smile.
  • ENDODONTICS – One of the dental specialties recognized by the ADA, endodontics can refer to root canal, fixing cracked teeth, or other serious dental treatment to rescue badly damaged teeth.
  • ORTHODONTICS AND/OR BRACES – A long-term procedure that involves straightening teeth with braces and retainers. You may find it uncomfortable at first, but you'll be glad you did it.
  • CLEAR or ALIGNER TREATMENT also known as "INVISALIGN" –  Usually a shorter term procedure that involves straightening teeth with clear aligners/retainers. This form of Orthodontics is barely visible. It is a cosmetic solution to the traditional form of orthodontic treatment for those that prefer this to the metal brackets and wires.
  • CORRECTIVE DENTISTRY – If you didn't get those braces, you might have to fix a serious overbite, underbite, or even "Temporomandibular joint disorder" (TMJ), a serious and painful inflammation in your upper jaw.
  • CHILDREN'S SPECIALTIES – It's never too soon to learn how to properly care for your childrens teeth. Sorry, we won't give them a lollypop when they're finished.  Recommendations now are that a child is seen by a Pediatric Specialist; when the first tooth appears or no later than his/her first birthday, or if you see any problems before this.  This is another dental specialty recognized by the ADA.
  • ORAL SURGERY/HOSPITALIZATION CARE – Another recognized specialty that we perform, oral surgery may be necessary if disease or an accident seriously damages your mouth.
  • IV SEDATION – If you need it, IV drugs, nitrous oxide, deep sedation, and other methods of sedation or general anesthesia, are available.

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