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Call Us Today!
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1185 Cave Springs Estates Drive 
St. Peters, MO 63376 
Phone: 636-757-1800

Our office hours are Monday-Thursday 6 a.m.-8:30 p.m., Friday 6 a.m.-2 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m.-2 p.m.

We are member of the ADA-American Dental Association and the American Academy of Dental Group Practice.  The office is privately (not corporately) owned, by the Dentists that work in the office regularly.

Your first visit to Family Dental Services:
Children - what to expect:
The initial exam visit for children will usually be done by a Pediatric Dentist, and will give you and your child an opportunity to meet the doctor.  In order to prevent dental problems, your child should see a pediatric dentist when the first tooth appears, or no later than his/her first birthday.  Since each dental visit is extremely important, the parent will always accompany the child to the examination room and remain with the child the entire time.
  • Evaluation of past medical and dental problems which may effect dental treatment.
  • Clinical examination of teeth and soft tissue.
  • Diagnostic x-rays, taken as necessary.  (At that time we can begin to assess permanent development and evaluate the occlusion or positioning of the teeth.)  The need for braces, if indicated, will be discussed.
  • Treatment planning according to x-ray findings and patient needs.
  • Treatment scheduling.  Usually the first visit scheduled for a child is an exam,  prophylaxis (cleaning) and fluoride treatment, depending on age and treatment needed.  We can instruct the child in brushing and flossing without the child being apprehensive.  We like this visit to be a pleasant educational experience.
Adults - what to expect:
Most initial examinations are completed by a General Dentist, who is assisted by a Dental Hygienist.  Since our practice has many different specialties as well as general practice, this enables us to coordinate treatment according to your dental needs.  After the initial exam all adult patients are appointed a primary care general practitioner.  Patients will continue to see their primary care doctors unless treatment requires a specialist or a patient requests a change.  At the initial exam you may expect the following procedures to be performed:
  • Blood pressure taken on all patients over the age of 18.
  • Evaluation of past medical and dental problems which may effect dental treatment.
  • Visual examination of oral cavity.
  • Oral cancer screening.
  • Necessary x-rays (patient will be informed of type of x-ray and diagnostic benefit as determined by examining doctor).
  • Treatment planning according to x-ray findings and patient needs.
  • Treatment scheduling.  Usually the first treatment scheduled for an adult is a prophylaxis (cleaning).  After the removal of all plaque and tarter the dentist can proceed with the necessary restorative procedures.
Financial information and planning, including help in assessment of insurance benefits, will be provided by our front office staff.  A parent or legal guardian must accompany a minor child for appointments with no exceptions.  You  can print the health history form, below, and bring the completed form to the office for your appointment.  A valid-state or gov. issued photo ID will be required.  Bring your dental insurance card, and plan information, if applicable.  You must know your insurance coverage and benefit information for x-rays, deductibles, co-pays.  If you do not have this,  you can go online and print the information out and bring it with you to the office.  Co-payments, deductibles and any fees that will be reimbursed to the patient; are expected to be paid at the time of service.  If you have any recent dental x-rays at another office, please request that they are sent and arrive at our office before your appointment. 


(Specifically for ages 18 and older using Parents' or Guardians' insurance plan.)

Intermediate Patient Information

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Family Dental Services

1185 Cave Springs Estates Drive
St. Peters, MO 63376
Phone: 636-757-1800



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2016 brought about the retirement of a long-time staffer.  Nancy Hunsel worked for the office for over 38 years as a an assistant to the Pediatric Dentists.  She saw a lot of the children of St. Charles grow up, become adults, and then bring their children to the office; throughout her years with F.D.S.  As well as seeing many of the children and adolescent patients, she helped mentor the new Dentists to the practice.  The patients and staffers will miss her!  Good luck Nancy and enjoy the retirement days ahead of you!  Job well done!!

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1185 Cave Springs Estates Drive
Saint Peters, MO 63376

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